Pebble Color Smartwatch is Breaking All Kickstarter Records


Pebble pretty much started this whole smartwatch game, back when their original Pebble branded watch landed on Kickstarter a few years ago. Since then, the company has amped up their brand with the fancier Steel variant, but fans have long wondered when they would go back to the drawing board and eliminate the e-ink screen in favor of some much lauded color. Color makes the world go around, after all (wait.) Well, wait no longer fans of red, green, blue and their many combinations, the Pebble Time smartwatch is nearly here.

The Pebble Time features everything you’ve come to expect in a modern smartwatch, from interacting with your phone at every possible instance to tracking your vitals and other health-related information. Unlike other smartwatches, however, it boasts a solid week of battery life on one charge. How can it do that? Well, even though the screen is color it still uses e-ink technology, which is extremely light on the old battery. There’s also a microphone built in so you can respond to notifications with your voice. Shades of Siri. Should Apple be scared? Yeah, maybe Apple should be scared.

Speaking of frightened mega-corporations, the Pebble Time is currently accepting pre-orders on Kickstarter and, since the unit launched, has blown through any and all records. Just how badly do people want this thing? Well, they’ve raised over $5,000,000 bucks in around a day. They blew through their original $500,000 goal in just 17 minutes. Yeah, we’d say people are excited about the Pebble Time. Jolly good show, guys! Here is a video of it in action, in case you are into that whole ‘moving visuals’ thing.