Pebble announces the Pebble Steel – A stylish take on the Pebble



The Pebble watch is one of the most well known smartwatches, and certainly one of the most loved. Well at CES this year Pebble announced an updated version of the watch, completely changing the exterior design of it. While we probably wouldn’t class it as a Pebble 2.0, it certainly is a refreshed look at the device!

The Pebble Steel has the same e-paper display, the same 5 atm water resistance, and the same functionality. On the outside, however, everything has changed.

First of all, the screen is now protected by a layer of Gorilla Glass, and the watch itself is housed by stainless steel, and has two color options – normal stainless steel, or black matte. You might also notice from the picture above that the new Pebble has new wristbands, a black leather one and a metallic one. One surprise is that each Pebble ships with both of those wristbands, so you have both options right out of the box!

The price of the Pebble Steel is expectedly a little higher than the original, coming in at $250. That’s certainly not bad when you look at other smartwatches on the market, such as the Galaxy Gear which runs for $300. The Pebble also is open source and has great support.

Source: Gizmag