Pawda is a Pet Tracking Device That Helps Keep Pets Safe


Here at Crunchwear we sure do love our pets. Why, I was just out walking my two dogs, Google and Glass, around the block. OK, that isn’t the name of my two dogs, but the point is, it could be. It could be. But what if my beloved Google wandered off one day, leaving me alone with the slightly insidious Glass? That would not be an ideal situation. Thankfully there is plenty of wearable technology out there that is aimed for protecting the furry friends in our lives. It’s become something of a cottage industry, actually. Here is another one!

Introducing the appropriately named Pawda, as in Paw duh. This innocuous GPS tracker goes on your dog’s collar and keeps a good, watchful eye over your prized pups. Well, I suppose it could also do the same for cats but we all know how much cats love collars(or anything besides food, sleeping and knocking stuff over.) Basically, it tracks where your pet is via GPS and relays that information to your Android or iOS-based phone. An affiliated app lets you see where your pets are by map. It’ll also give you some concise information as to what they’ve been up to throughout the day.

The Pawda isn’t on store shelves yet. Actually it’s not even fully finished. The creators have trotted on over to Kickstarter to raise some finishing funds. You can help them out and preorder your own by kicking in around $91.