Paul Deneve From Yves Saint Laurent – Was He Hired By Apple to Work on Wearables?



Most things Apple related in the news over the past couple of months have been iWatch related. When it’s supposed to come out, what it will look like, and what it will be able to do are all questions that many people are wondering. But Apple made headlines last month for a different reason. The hiring of Paul Deneve, the CEO of fashion company Yves Saint Laurent.

Not only was Paul Deneve hired to be a vice president at Apple, but he was also hired to work on “special projects” which go unnamed, and he reports directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook. That’s right, I said unnamed special projects. What could that be, I hear you say? Well, it’s highly likely that Paul Deneve is working on wearable technology, specifically an iWatch. His background in fashion and technology would make him a perfect candidate for the job too, having worked at fashion companies and technology companies, including Apple, in the past.

Previously, many people thought that Paul Deneve would work at Apple as the head of their retail store operations, but that seems now to not be true. In fact, it is still highly likely that Deneve will be working with Apple on marketing, something which he would also be rather good at. He was even a marketing manager at Apple from 1990-1997. But here at CrunchWear we think there’s another possibility altogether.

The wearable technology market is about to explode, and Apple is sure to take advantage of that fact. That fact, coupled with the fact that Tim Cook recently stated that Apple has a number of “game changers” in the works suggests that something wearable from Apple might be on the horizon. In fact, hiring Paul Deneve could suggest that Apple might be preparing a whole line of wearable technology, with the rumored iWatch to be the first of many wearable products.

If Paul Deneve was indeed hired to work on a potential iWatch, then that also suggests that the iWatch may be a while away from being released, while previously we thought that it would be released before the year was over.

It’s a great move by Apple to hire Paul Deneve to work on wearable technology. Apple products are known not just for their functionality, but also their sleek and stylish designs, and continuing this trend is a must for Apple if they wish to remain on top. Paul Deneve could help design a watch that is sleek and stylish like other products, and that will be able to go up against any other watch brands such as Rolex.

With the name iWatch being recently trademarked, Apple is very much expected to release such a product in the near future. The hiring of Paul Deneve could confirm this even further. The details of the product are very much in the air still, but it could be anything from an obviously technological piece, to a watch to rival a Rolex in terms of style and class. All that coupled with the fact that it is expected to be able to connect to your smartphone and deliver notifications, take and make calls, and control your music selection makes for a very powerful watch. Despite this, Apple will need to add something extra to the product in order to make it a game changer, as a number of companies have already released products with those features.

Only time will tell if Paul Deneve was actually hired to work on the iWatch, though much of the evidence points to the rumors being true.