Patents Suggest Google is Getting in the Smart Watch Game


We certainly do write a lot about Google’s just-sorta-released Glass virtual reality eyewear device. But long time Internet denizens know that Google usually has their hands in many baskets. Not only do they run the search engine game, they are making massive inroads in all sorts of technologies, from phones and tablets to, well, email. Now the big G is turning their weary and brilliant heads to another technological achievement, the smart watch. Yep. It sure looks as though Google is prepping to enter the suddenly crowded smart watch arena. This ought to get interesting.

Recently unearthed patents indicate that Google is indeed throwing their hat into the smart watch ring. The patents suggest that this device will include standard smartwatch functions like a wireless transceiver, display and processor. However, it doesn’t stop there. In typical Google fashion the watch will also have two touchscreens on the bezel, which will work in tandem to create an almost Glass-like immersion. The limited space of the watch’s touchscreens will allow users to pinch, move and roll input data, meaning you’ll be able to control just about everything the watch does via the screens.

Of course, these are only patents. Often companies make these patents just in case they one day want to make something when they really don’t have any actual intent. They do it to avoid lawsuits and other legal bullfights that huge corporations like to get into with one another. We like to think they are hard at work on the device though. At the very least, this smart watch will have the best search engine in town. Now if only the folks over at Ask Jeeves got to work on their version.

This is a follow up post to our previous article, Google may just be getting into the smartwatch ring, patents indicate