Patent Reveals Potentially Incredible Microsoft Smartwatch


Microsoft smartwatch1
The war is on! Everyone and their grandmother have been wondering when two of the biggest electronics companies in the world would get into the smartwatch game. What are these two bigwig companies? Well, one is Apple, and although there have been plenty of rumors that Apple would be soon announcing their own wrist-worn device, they have remained mum on the subject. The other big company is, of course, Microsoft. Now, it’s only a matter of time be fore Microsoft gets in the ring, and now we have even more proof to that notion. Someone unearthed a patent showing what their eventual smartwatch might look like and, more importantly, what it might do.

The patent reveals a swanky looking device that more resembles an armband than a traditional watch. However, it does feature a typical watchface, so make no mistake this thing can tell time(among other things.) The features list is where this bad boy shines. In addition to telling the time, Microsoft’s rumored smartwatch will play music, keep an eye on your vitals and fitness levels, a touchscreen-based phone and, of course, an instant messaging device. Geeze. What doesn’t this thing do? We can’t wait to get our grubby little mitts on this one.

Speaking of grubby little mitts, we’ll all likely have a long time to wait on this one. It’s only a patent, so who knows where they are regarding the development and manufacture of said smartwatch. Sigh. Here’s hoping they are on the latter end and just holding the information close to their chest. In the meantime, you can read the patent for yourself here.