Patagonia presents the world’s first wetsuit made from plants


Everybody loves to swim. This is particularly true of dogs, sea explorers and Ecco the Dolphin. However, if we are trying to swim like a true champion we are gonna need a wetsuit. We can’t traverse dangerous underwater locales armed with just some dusty old swim trunks, after all. Most wetsuits, however, are not made from the most eco-friendly material. Your carbon footprint could swell to the size of a Beluga Whale if you buy too many standard wetsuits. What is an Earth-loving member of the wearable technology community to do?! Are there any “green” wetsuits backstroking down the pike?

Yes, there is. Patagonia is prepping a new wetsuit that is green in color and green in eco-friendliness. Most wetsuits are made of neoprene, a petroleum-based synthetic that is none-too-good for the planet. Patagonia’s new suit, however, is made from plant fiber. The company has eliminated the need for neoprene and crafted a suit made from bio-materials sourced from plants. With the help of clean technology company Yulex Corporation, Patagonia was able to create a wetsuit made with guayule, a renewable non-food crop. Guayule is made without the use of pesticides so it’s a win/win!

Patagonia’s green wetsuit will be available next year. Don’t break out the suntan lotion just yet, however. The company plans to only make it available in Japan unless the rest of the world demands a wider release. Let’s get the petition ready now!