Parrot’s Zik headphones are NFC-enabled and super expensive


Headphone tech seems to have stalled in the last couple of years in favor of a more mass market approach. Both Dr. Dre and 50 Cent have their own lines, after all. True audiophiles demand more than just wireless functionality and the occasional Dolby uptick though! They demand true innovation, brilliant soundscapes and a front row seat to the nearest Pink Floyd laser light show. Well, there aren’t that many Floyd laser shows anymore but we sure do have you covered on the innovation and brilliant soundscapes.

Parrot, known primarily for their fantastic GPS navigation systems, has tapped famed designer Philippe Starck to create the Zik headphones. What’s so special about these bad boys? A lot, actually. They are wireless via Bluetooth but while other high-end headphones stop there, the Zik is just getting started. The feature list reads more like it comes from a smartphone than a humble pair of headphones. These ‘phones boast an accelerometer, a touchpad on the right ear cup and NFC technology running throughout. Here’s where this comes in handy. The Zik instantly pairs off with any smartphone it gets “tapped” on that is also NFC-enabled and you can then access the phone’s music via the touchpad. There is no need to ever go back to the phone again. Speaking of phones, it’s also uniquely designed to make talking on one a breeze.

All of these perks don’t come without a price, however. That price? An actual high price. Each pair costs $400. That’s a lot of coin for a pair of headphones, but for the feature set it doesn’t seem too outrageous. If you are hankering to get yourself a pair, head on over to Brookstone to make a purchase. While you are there, buy a massage chair or one of those home golf putting toy thingamabobs. You deserve it.