Parashoot 2.0 is a Wearble and Super-cute Smart Camera


Sometimes you want a quality HD camera to take pictures of the things you see in your every day life. Other times, however, you want said HD camera to be clipped to your shirt so you don’t have to reach in your pocket or travel bag. For these times, the wizards in the wearable technology industry have got you covered. Here is another wearable, and dare we say cute, camera that will send your snap shots into the stratosphere(literally, as it uses cloud technology.)

The Parashoot 2.0, is the spiritual successor to the successful Parashoot HD camera. Don’t worry. This new iteration still takes photos in high definition, it’s just that it does a whole lot more than that. First of all, it is completely wearable, being able to be strapped to just about any fabric adorning your wondrous frame. Also, it is technically a smart camera, having WiFi access, cloud access and a whole host of other bells and whistles. Finally, it includes a related smartphone app, available for both iOS and Android, that lets you stare at and manipulate your photos until your heart is content. You’ll never post something to Facebook again without giving it a quick edit first.

This nifty gadget has yet to secure funding for final release so they’ve taken to a crowdfunding website we’ve never, ever mentioned on this site before called Kickstarter. If you drop in $149 you’ll get in on the early bird special. Once this limited selection runs out, you’ll have to pay $200 to get your hands, and clothes, on one. Here are some more photos of the little darling in action.