Parachute Multi-Tool Device Hangs on Your Belt


Our pockets only have so much space. Much of that is divvied up between our keys, our smartphones, our wallets and, uh, our gigantic pieces of lint that have been hanging down in there for the past several years. Still, we should always make room for a good multi-tool. It’s not exactly kosher to carry around a swiss army knife, though. They’ll give you a big hassle at the airport, for one. If only someone out there would take it upon themselves to completely redesign the multi-tool, taking it in a new and bold direction. Oh wait, someone has. Thanks, someone!

Here is the Parachute, a really neat multi-tool gadget with a striking geometric design. This thing can rest in your pocket, hook to your belt or even to your keychain. In other words, it’s fully wearable so you can take it everywhere you go. Why would you want to? Well it comes packed with ten different useful gadgets, including a bottle opener, a sawblade, a ruler, a screwdriver and even a seatbelt cutter(for when you are trapped beneath one.) It also includes the obvious choices like a can opener, three different hex wrenches and more. In short, it’s the perfect accoutrement to help you survive the inevitable and forthcoming zombie apocalypse.

This handy little gadget is not on store shelves yet, so don’t go rushing down to Sports Authority with cash in hand. The makers of said gadget have taken to Kickstarter in order to raise funds to finish the manufacturing process. You can become an early adopter of the Parachute multi-tool by plopping down just $19. Hey that’s only less than $2 a doll. Whatta bah-gan.