Panasonic Unveils Wearable 4K Camera


The world moves at a sometimes dizzying pace. It’s good to stop and smell the roses once in a while. Then, after you are done smelling them, film some video of said roses so you can prove that you smelled them to all of your friends on Facebook, Twitter and that other one. In short, cameras rule. Cameras that attach to your person rule even harder. However, that last genre is a fairly new up and comer to the wearable tech scene. At this week’s CES convention in Las Vegas, however, Panasonic has managed to bring it back in a big way, merging it with another up and comer, 4K recording technology.

Panasonic recently pulled the lid off of their first-person 4K video recorder. This camera attaches to your head via an associated device and films pristine 4K video of whatever you are seeing as you are seeing it. Geeze. If only the guys on Porky’s had this(dated reference?) If you are wondering what the heck 4K is, it’s the new HDTV standard they came up with to make us buy more expensive television sets. Where current models max out at 1080P, 4K HDTVs max out at four times that. In other words, the pot marks on Edward James Olmos’s face are going to look glorious.

Panasonic has released no word on how much this nifty little gadget will cost, but being as how 4K is new it could set you back a pretty and high resolution penny. They do say, however, that their camera will be out later in the year. Get ready to recreate the opening stages of DOOM everyone.