PairASight – A Way To Show People What You’re Seeing



Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted someone to see exactly what you were seeing, from the perspective that you were seeing it from? Or maybe you’re Skyping with someone, and you want to show them the area around where you are. Well these things are going to be made a lot easier with the PairASight glasses.

The PairASight glasses include the use of a 1080p HD camera, as well as a microphone and speaker. Effectively this device could be used to video chat with people. It is great for keeping your hands free for other things, and will also avoid you having to lift up your laptop to show people around.

The glasses can connect to your smartphone or laptop, and stream content through the Internet via said devices. This means that you could have your smartphone in your pocket while you video chat with people as you grocery shop, or even drive. All the while, they will be able to see exactly what you’re seeing.

The designers of the technology hope that it will become a useful tool in the fields of medicine and retail. It could be very useful in the field of medicine, especially if the device is affordable and available to people in developing countries, as it could allow more experienced and qualified doctors to guide doctors who might be less experienced.

Overall this is a very interesting device. It’s obvious competitor is Google Glass, and it will be interesting to see if an application for Google Glass to perform the same task will be available.