Ostrich Pillow Light is the Ultimate Place to Take a Nap


The worst thing about leaving your house? You can’t just up and nap anywhere you want. If you lay down on the street, you’ll either get robbed or sent to jail on a loitering charge. If you try to catch a quick snooze at work, you’ll probably get fired. Even cars and public transit offer no solace. Those seats aren’t exactly the most comfortable places on earth. Well, now there might be an easier way to catch a few winks while traveling from point A to point B. Introducing the oddly named Ostrich Pillow Light.

The “Light” in the name refers to the pillow’s compactness, and not that it is embedded with a series of flashing neon lights(it’s not.) However, don’t take this little pillow lightly(get it?) The pillow was designed by architecture studio Kawamura-Ganjavian, creators of a bunch of bigger and more ornery Ostrich Pillows. Why are these named after everyone’s favorite sandy head-hider? The pillow quite literally envelopes your head so you are completely private yet absolutely public. So you might look silly? You’ll be catching a pretty sweet nap. This is the perfect pillow/mask for you social agoraphobes out there.

The only downside to all of these winks? The Ostrich Pillow Light isn’t out yet. The designers have taken to Kickstarter to raise the remaining funds. If you kick in, or nap in, around $44 you can have your very own privacy-hat to lug around on your next cross-country Greyhound trip. Let’s hear it for sweet, sweet sleep. Have good dreams everyone. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.