Oscilloscope Watch is a Must Have for Geeks


We here at Crunchwear adore watches. We love watches. We think a wrist unadorned with a watch is a wasted wrist indeed. That’s why we are glad that the humble wristwatch has undergone something of a tech-heavy renaissance in the last couple of years. Why, as recently as 2011 the words “smart” and “watch” would only go together if you were into anthropomorphizing watches. Nowadays, however, each and every one that comes down the pike has something useful, cool or just downright strange about it. Today we’ll focus on the latter.

Oscilloscopes have long been a function of the modern age. They are, essentially, a waveform generator that is uses to measure voltage, signals and other sources of information. You know on the movies when a submarine is trying to sense something out there in a deep?  They are usually using an oscilloscope. Also, if you’ve ever had the heart monitoring test known as an EKG, also uses an oscilloscope. Well now you can have the both alien and familiar oscilloscope on your wrist at all times. This watch doubles as one!

The tech is based on Xprotolab portable oscilloscope technology, only taken to its furthest extreme. It even comes with probes so you can actually, you know, use it to measure stuff. The firmware is also open source so expect some cool stuff coming down the pike. You’ll be the coolest science geek at any gathering you attend, that is for sure. The designer hasn’t yet achieved funding to finish the thing but it has been put up on Kickstarter for your perusal. You can nail one down for around $99.