Orbit is a Floating Personal Assistant That is Cool and Terrifying


Some of us have a lot going on in our lives. Some of us just feel we have a lot going on in our lives, but we actually don’t(Hey, Netflix aint gonna watch itself.) In any event, even the laziest among us could use a personal assistant. After all, smartphones never stop receiving text messages and emails. Smart watches never stop, uh, doing the same exact thing. Computers never stop, also, doing the same exact thing. So many messages and emails! If only we could have a tiny green person floating around our heads doing things for us. Wait, we can? We can(well shortly.)

Introducing Orbit, a bizarre, and slightly dystopian, personal assistant that floats around your head like the world’s most useful house fly. It consists of three high quality LCD screens, and an engine to keep it aloft. You can stare at it whenever your heart desires, without having to reach in your pocket or look at your wrist. Imagine the convenience! Also, it’s pretty darned sci-fi and cool to have something floating near your head at all times. Rumor has it, it’ll be a great score with the ladies and dudes(depending on your preference.) As always, it connects to your other devices with Bluetooth and there is a ton more functionality planned for it down the line.

As far wandering in to your local floating personal assistant store, that’s a no go. Orbit isn’t out yet. The devices creator has floated to Kickstarter, however, to raise finishing funds. You can’t even preorder one via this Kickstarter. You can only kick in some money out of the kindness of your heart.