ORA Smart Glasses are Packed With Features and Affordable


Google Glass is a pretty cool device and is filled to the brim with potential. However, as it currently stands, it has one elephant-sized problem. The price is not right on this thing. Sure, the consumer model isn’t out yet, but if you want to get your hands on an Explorer edition model, you are gonna have to fork out a whopping $1,500. That’s the price of around 750 slices of pizza or one slice of pizza topped with diamonds! This leaves the market wide open for companies that want to bring similar devices to market at a much lower price point. If you build it, and price it accordingly, they will come.

One company is having that exact same idea. Introducing Project ORA, a very Google Glass-esque gadget that won’t put as much of a strain on your poor, pathetic, little wallet. It offers some of the same functionalities Glass does, including hands-free augmented reality applications, POV videos, easy navigation and more. The company also claims their retinal technology, which powers the device, is actually more advanced than what is found in Google’s baby. Did we mention it also costs a lot less? That’s the big selling point here. They will retail for around $399 which, according to my fancy pants math, is almost four times cheaper than Glass. Now that’s-a pizza.

You can pre-order your own now at the aforementioned $399 price by heading on over to their Kickstarter page, which is seeking finishing funds of $100,000. As of this writing, they are inching ever so close to their goal by raking in over $60,000 in just a handful of days. The developers say ORA will be out in 2015.