Optinvent ORA-S AR Glasses Are Pretty Gigantic



Regular old reality is boring. All we seem to do is walk around, hang out with friends and family, work and occasionally eat an entire pizza or two. We need to augment our plain realities with some supreme toppings(more pizza references.) Thankfully, wearable technology has been on top of this as long as pizza has been on top of our “must eat” lists. To the uninitiated, last year Google dropped their Glass eyewear device on the adoring masses. This device is essentially augmented reality on steroids. Now, many other companies are following suit. Here are some shnazzy glasses that are basically like Glass on steroids, which means, it’s essentially augmented reality on, uh, double steroids.
French company Optinvent are behind the ORA-S glasses. We wrote about the original flavor ORA a few weeks back but now those wascally Frenchmen are back with an even cooler version. The main component here is a mega-large screen. Just how big is this bad boy? It clocks in at over three times the ocular real estate that Glass occupies. That’s a whole lot of third dimension porno(just kidding.) It’s also positioned right in your field of view, which could be considered annoying to some and absolutely amazing to others. Different strokes and all of that. As far bells and whistles, it can do pretty much everything Glass can do, including interact with your phone, read and send messages, view maps, take pictures and all of that other stuff. Did we mention it’s huge?

A consumer grade model of this device is set to launch next year for around $950. That’s a pretty penny but, as mentioned earlier, the screen is mega-big. Gigantic screens don’t come cheap, so we’ve heard.