ONO Running Glow Sneakers


ONO Running brings us a cool concept. Its a fashionable tech sneaker that has a glowing heel. Its a tasteful balance of cool and competent. The glowing heel provides safety and visibility in low light scenarios.
ONO Running Glow Sneaker Concept
The inventors of the ONO Glow sneaker Matt Galica and Elliott Temkin learned from their own experiences that reflective material is not enough to provide safety from cars at night. They also wished for integration into what they would normally wear so they would not have to worry about leaving something at home.

The discrete design is barely visible when not illuminated. When lit, three colored LEDs shine into a dispersing fiber optic band. Operation comes from a button on the side of the heel, where on and off as well as color options are controlled. These are rechargeable and use inductive charging to make the magic happen.

While only a concept, Matt and Elliott are looking for partners to get this into production.