O’Neill Sale on Interactive goods


Few days ago we presented some links where to pick up O’Neill’s cool h4 Interactive Apparel for a reduced price.
O’Neill Smart Clothes Sale
Today we found out O’Neill is having their own online Sale, offering the complete h4 Wearable Electronic range for an average discount of around €80.- or $120.- not bad for a cool iPod Jacket like the women Ent. Jacket shown on the left.

The Ent. Jacket for women has a cute design and color combination with some ‘girly’ touches here and there. In this style the small and discrete joystick like iPod control fits perfectly to the overall design.

It’s got all the quality goodies O’Neill always offers like collar adjustment, storm placket, goggle and lift card pocket, key hook and more.

The reduced price for this model is €209.97 or $324.62 directly by O’Neill.

Besides the h4 interactive apparel range, O’Neill offers also the Campack with a price reduction of almost €100.- or $150.- compared to the introduction price last autumn.

Available by O’Neill for €188.97 or $291.94 the Campack has a complete multimedia center on board to capture your action packed life.

For that money you get next to the h4 Campack the helmet camera with extension cord, battery holder, the Portable Media Player, a USB cable to download your action to a computer and a Battery charger.

4 hours of video recording is possible on one battery charge tough the internal memory (512 MB) holds only around 40 minutes but there is the option to use a 2 GB SD/MMC card for 160 minutes of video recording.

All in all a great opportunity to get real cool Wearable Electronic without breaking the bank. As always: the power choice is yours.