O’Neill H3 Series CommEnt jacket


O’Neill Europe has just released their new line of Jackets, The H3. They are available in shops in Germany. The H3 range is the third generation of Wearable Electronics clothing from O’Neill, and they keep getting better with each generation.


The latest H3 Jackets are more stylish than the previous ranges. O’Neill has two ranges, the EntJacket and the CommEnt Jacket. Each range is available in different colors for both men and women.


The CommEnt Jacket’s main feature is the iPod compatible entertainment system that can be controlled by the soft-touch remote control woven into the left hand sleeve, it even has a Bluetooth module and a mic on the collar so you can call your buddies hands free. It’s also a normal looking but good quality Jacket with waterproof, breathable fabrics used for snowboarding.


The EntJacket has the iPod control system but no mobile phone control functions.

The EntJacket with iPod remote control goes for 300 Euro and the CommEntJacket with iPod remote control plus mobile phone control goes for 500 Euro.

These Jackets are only available in stores throughout Europe. Check out the website of O’Neill for more details.