O’Neill H3 Fat Controller Glove


oneilglove.gifIt’s hard to have your iPod in your hand when you’re racing down the mountain slope with your snowboard and you want to change your tunes.Or just to be in the great winter outdoors by temperatures far below the zero degree (celsius) range. Using your stiff fingers on the scroll wheel might turn out a big challenge.

The last product in the H3 Wearable Electronic range Fall/Winter 2006/07 from O’Neill, the H3 Fat Controller Glove, is just the right gear to help you.

It uses Fibretonic’s wireless iPod control system, featuring a joystick controller stitched into the glove on the back of the hand. The control system is of course waterproof and will work in any situation. The joystick commands are sent wirelessly to the iPod which is stored safely in a jacket or backpack pocket.

Fibretronic’s iPod controller technology is used in the complete H3 range – Jackets, Backpack and gloves.

As for the rest of the H3 range, O’Neill is offering those products only in Europe. The glove is available in two colors, white and black and costs 150.- Euro. Available in O’Neill stores across Europe and via online shops.