One Ring to Rule All of Boston – Introducing the Sesame Ring


Rings seem like the ideal candidate to go all-out with technology. They are small, rather innocuous and, most of the time, already metal. Metal and chipsets go together like, uh, swords and sorcery(or pancakes and syrup.) One of the easiest things to imagine rings doing is making it more convenient for us to do the things we currently swipe cards to do. This includes entering and exiting office buildings and, of course, using public transportation. England has already messed around with this idea, to a modicum of success. Now it is Boston’s turn. That’s right. The cradle of liberty herself is getting RFID-enabled rings to use with public transportation.

Here is the Sesame Ring, as in open sesame. This genie-inspired ring comes packed with RFID technology which allows for ease of use across a myriad of public transportation options in Boston and across Massachusetts. Even cooler? The rings are made via 3d printing. It’s a wearable technology double shot! Once you get a ring, you just hold it up to a machine to add money, check the balance or do a number of other things you’d do at a public transportation kiosk. Then you hold up the ring again to obtain access to said transportation. Then you go somewhere and grab a sandwich because you deserve it. All of that ring swiping really works up a sweat!

The team is currently finishing up fundraising for this project via, you guessed it, Kickstarter. If you live in Boston, or plan on visiting one day, you can reserve yourself a Sesame Ring by kicking in twenty bucks. That’s the price of just three sandwiches!