Omate TrueSmart Smashes Through Fundraising Goal In One Day



We have reported on the Omate TrueSmart a couple of times since it was first announced, and followed closely on its progress as one of the most advanced smartwatches today. The latest news on the product is that it has recently broken through its funding goal in only one day!

The great thing about the Omate TrueSmart is that it’s different from many of the other smartwatches on the market today, and in many ways it’s more advanced. It uses a very recent version of Android, includes WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, has 4GB of internal storage with a microSD slot for external storage, can make calls on its own, and even has a built in camera!

The Kickstarter for the Omate TrueSmart was started only yesterday, and already they have almost doubled their goal of $100,000, and they still have 28 days to go of funding.

The watch has undergone a number of prototypes and updates, and is still currently being worked on. The device still has to go through a number of small software tweaks before it will be completely ready, but it is expected to ship starting in October.

The Omate TrueSmart is expected to run for around $299, and you can pledge to their Kickstarter to receive your very own watch when it starts shipping. The watch is leading the way in smartwatch technology, and we should start to see more products with similar features in the coming few months. Who knows, maybe the iWatch will be the same!