Omate Releases a Smartwatch Aimed at the Ladies


It was only a matter of time before companies started releasing stuff ‘for the ladies.’ This isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it is downright cool. However, sometimes it can be a pandering, ridiculous mess. All of you gamers out there, remember this gem? It’s Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros finally starring in her own platform game. Her powers? Tears and emotions of course! Women, so emotional, amirite? On that note, here is an aesthetically pleasing smartwatch aimed at women. Which tract does it seem to be falling under, useful or annoying? Thankfully, it seems to be the former.

Omate, who are no stranger to high tech watches, have just unveiled their Lutetia, a smartwatch for those lacking that pesky Y chromosome. As stated above, this thing is pretty. It’s downright elegant, if you ask me. This is good because smartwatches, with a few exceptions, have tended to look like plastic toys and not like well-crafted pieces of jewelry. As far as the feature set goes, it offers a lot of the same functions of similar models. It has a pedometer, music control abilities, stopwatch timer and the whole thing can be controlled via your voice. Most of the heavy lifting here is done via your smartphone, however. So consider it a great notification device to use in tandem with your iOS or Android device.

The company has announced an expected release date of December of this year for the Lutetia. As far as the price, it settles in at a very comfortable $169 which, it must be noted, is half as much as Apple’s forthcoming Watch.