Olympus introduces the Meg4.0, their answer to Google’s Project Glass



Google set the world on fire with the announcement of their Project Glass smartglasses technology. Since that day, companies have been clamoring for their own piece of the HUD-pie. Instagram has something on the way, as does Sony. This is an interesting development because it must be noted that the originator of this tech, Google’s glasses, aren’t even scheduled to be out until next year at the earliest. These other companies are diving in headfirst into untested waters. Next up on the diving board? Japanese technology manufacturer Olympus.

Their unique take on head-mounted display technology is for it to work hand-in-hand with the glasses you already have. The Meg4.0 fits over a normal pair of glasses and allows the wearer to connect it to their smartphone or other mobile device via Bluetooth. The batteries on this device is said to last eight hours and as far as functionality, look for it to do many of the same things the competitor’s glasses will do.  It also has a built in accelerometer, though, so you can see how little exercise you get in a single day.

This device is in the early prototype stages, though. Olympus have yet to announce a release date or pricing. Heck, they haven’t even shown off an actual demonstration of the tech in action. So who knows whether these particular glasses will pan out. Still, this tech is now a bona-fide trend. You will be wearing something like these on your pasty face within the next two years. Count on it.