Ohita Air Purifier is a Wearable and Futuristic Wonder


City life is grand. There’s always something to see or do and the food, oh my the food, is something to be savored. Living in a big city, however, also has its share of major setbacks. There are people quite literally everywhere and nary a tree in sight. There are also cars and many other carbon monoxide-releasing monstrosities all over. This tends ti wreak havoc on your poor ole lungs. It’s not as if we can walk around with our own personal air purifiers, so we had best get used to, uh, wait, we can walk around with our own personal air purifiers? Oh, wearable technology you dastardly dog you!

Introducing the Ohita, which is, well, a wearable air purifier. It was designed by Jorge Alberto Treviño Blanco and does exactly what you’d expect it does, filters out gross air and filters in great air. Even better? It’s wearable, the purifier’s guts loosely strapping to your chest like a hipster bag. The other component is a mask. The mask filters in air, sends it to the purifier, then sends it into your mouth for fresh breathing. Voila! Additionally, the system analyzes the air and sends the information to a related smartphone app so you can know exactly what it was that you are no longer breathing. Nothing beats the smell of not-napalm in the morning.

This is just a working prototype for now, and thus will be showing up on store shelves anytime in the near near future. However, with air pollution wrapping its smoky arms around even middle-sized cities, one would expect it or something like it to become available for purchase soon.