Off Pocket Security Pouch Blocks Any and All Mobile Signals


Being connected all day every day sure has its advantages. You can always see a cat video or know what that one guy you met once is eating for dinner. The always connected life has its dangers too. For one, contrary to popular belief, identity theft is not just a thing that happens in bad Sandra Bullock movies. It is real and happening with increasing frequency. Hackers in the know can get all the information they need just from our smartphones. Tweeting while in line for a bathroom may be convenient but getting back and realizing your credit card information has been stolen is pretty inconvenient. So what are we to do? Stop being online all of the time? Heck no! We’ll just let wearable technology come up with a solution.

That wasn’t a long wait. Looks like they have! Introducing the Off Pocket, a security pouch that your phone sits in that blocks all mobile wireless signal. Consider it just another thing that rests in your pocket. It is lined with a signal-blocking metal that cuts off GPS, Wi-Fi and, yes, even mobile connection. That means you’ll be missing some calls and texts but isn’t that worth being safe? Speaking of safety, the pouch itself offers a tight fit and is water resistant if you plan on falling into a pool or anything like that.

It is not available for purchase yet but if you are, um, paranoia-minded and want to be the first to get your hands on this pouch just head on over to their Kickstarter page and lay down $75. It’s a small price to pay to ensure that evil hacker/robot hybrid monsters don’t steal your identity to go on a destruction spree! Wait, what? Never mind, we were letting the paranoia get to us.