Oculus Rift VR Display With 4K Resolution Being Developed


Long time readers of this blog know that we are absolutely excited for the Oculus Rift VR device to take over the gaming universe. To the uninitiated, the Rift is an eyewear display device that quite literally takes you into the game. You throw it on and you see the entire game’s world through your eyeballs. When you move your head, your avatar’s moves his or her(or it’s) head. It’s pretty much the future of gaming and promises to bring Star Trek style technology to the real world(and it’s about time.)

The device has only been shipping out to developers in the past several months. It is a ways off from being a true consumer product. However, that hasn’t stopped the company from thinking up some other awesome stuff. Now, word on the digital street, is that Oculus has begun developing a Rift display that pumps graphics to your retinae in 4K resolution. To television heads out there, 4K displays are the newest and hottest thing on the block, promising to make modern HD displays seem as quaint as they once made standard def televisions seem. The future never stops moving, does it? Sigh, time.

There is no word on when this tech upgrade will take place and how much it will cost.  Oculus VR currently sells the 720p resolution developer kit Oculus Rift developer kit for $300 so one would assume the 4K kit wouldn’t cost too much more than that, considering how quickly tech goes down in price. We’ll let you know more information when we know more. In the meantime, here is a video.