Oculus Rift Makes Reality Even More Virtual By Teaming Up With Razer Hydra


To the uninitiated, or new readers to the blog, the Oculus Rift headset is just about the coolest thing to happen in gaming since the invent of the button. Essentially, it’s a nifty camera-embedded helmet you wear that lets you actually step inside of the game. If you move your head, your character will move their head. It’s enough to make both of your heads spin. It hasn’t been released yet in consumer spheres but plenty of developers have gotten their devkits and have been experimenting to make it do all sorts of great things. We’ve already written about how the Rift can pair up with a techy treadmill to recreate Star Trek’s Holodeck. Now here’s another way to make your virtual reality experience even more, um, virtual.

Razer, the company known for making all sorts of neat wearable stuff, has shown that it too wants to get in on the Oculus Rift team-up game. Indie developer Kelly Weaver has joined a Rift and a Razer Hydra controller to make the VR nightmare of your dreams(or the reverse.) Wearing the helmet makes on-screen avatar move its head when you move yours. Now if you hold the controller also your avatar will move their arms when you move yours. It takes the Oculus Rift and Wii-ifies it to create a VR mega-system that rivals even what was happening with that treadmill.

Now you can learn to do karate in a video game and actually know how to do it in real life after wards. We can’t wait to see what other developers come up with for the Oculus Rift once it ships to humble consumers later in the year. Check out this video.