Oculus Rift Improves Latency So You Won’t Get All Pukey


Virtual reality, as anyone would tell you, is infinitely better than real reality. Can you fly around like a bird and then hang with Albert Einstein in real reality? Can you strap a gun to your shoulder and blow away hundreds of aliens in real reality? No way, to both(well, maybe the first one if LSD is involved.) Point proven. Virtual reality, well, rules. The only downside, however? The current state of VR can sometimes make you pukey. Your brain and eyeballs aren’t exactly used to all of that sweet, sweet virtuality. This is a problem the big companies, particularly Oculus, take very seriously. They’ve just announced another step in erasing VR-induced vomiting.

Oculus, who now are flush with cash after being bought by Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook, have announced another goalpost has been passed in the quest to eliminate nausea. They’ve introduced a new technology to the Rift called “Time Warping” which works to solve the problem. What does it do? Time warping is basically a way to keep the display caught up with your head movements to make the experience feel more seamless. Basically, it renders scenes based on the most recent date and not the data that was captured a few milliseconds ago, thus eliminating that “wait, what am I looking at?” feeling.

Of course, the actual Rift is still a ways off, although you can still purchase a beta model, although no beta currently on the market features this time warping technology. Soon, very soon, Zuckerberg and his minions will force all of us to buy one of these and then we can finally live in the VR paradise we were always destined to live in.