Oculus Gets $14 Million in Funding



Just last week we introduced you to the new and improved Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset that is now in HD and promises to bring to it’s users the most realistic virtual reality experience around. Just today, Oculus has announced that it has received a huge amount in funding – $14 million.

The original Kickstarter for Oculus was hugely successful. Originally the company wanted to raise $250,000, but ended up raking in $2.5 million. Now, on top of that $2.5 million, the company has managed to secure an additional $14 million in funding from Spark Capital and Matrix Partners.

This is a big deal. The $14 million is expected to do wonders for Oculus, helping them hire some of the best and brightest in virtual reality, and it helps them be able to use even more cutting edge technology than they’re already using.

Virtual reality seems to be the way in which gaming is heading, and Oculus could be at the front of this. In fact, it is expected that the Oculus Rift will be commercially available in around a year. This release will be a big step foreword for gaming and for virtual reality, and many people are definitely going to be happy to see the product hit the shelves near them!