Oculus Create Movie Studio Called Oculus Story Studio


When people discuss Oculus and their Rift virtual reality device, they no doubt swiftly move to the topic of video games. After all, being inside of a virtual gaming world is something of a holy grail for gamers and, well, the Rift and similar devices is the closest we’ve gotten. That’s in theory. In practice, however, the Oculus Rift has turned out to be something of a marvel in the ‘interactive experiences’ department. You wanna blow someone’s head off by the possibilities available in VR tech? Put them inside of a VR-based movie. These cinematic, yet controllable, experiences could be where mainstream VR ends up. On that note, Oculus has gone all-in to create some of these experiences.

They started a movie studio! It’s being called Oculus Story Studio because, well, it’s run by Oculus and it’s a studio and, uh, they plan on creating stories. These won’t be any old stories, however. These will be the kinds of stories that you look around wherever you want in real-time and let you interact with the environment. Imagine how fun Ghostbusters would have been if you were just ‘one of the gang.’ This is the kind of promise this technology holds for the future.

They are already hard at work on five or six films, each claiming to appeal to different audiences. The first one is called Lost and, incidentally, has no relation to the smoke monster. It is premiering at this week’s Sundance Film Festival. Those lucky ole ducks! The company is being shy regarding release dates of the other films currently in production. It may be time to preorder one of those Rifts.