Oakley Unveils GPS-enabled Airwave Smart Goggles


Oakley has always made quality sports gear. Their sunglasses are second to none, as is the rest of the company’s eyewear. They all lack one thing, however. Smarts. Oakley has never made a pair of smart goggles. Heck, their ski goggles would be lucky to score above a 900 on the SATs. Well, save a seat at the head of the class because the big ‘O’ has been quietly slaving away on an innovative pair of goggles that just might Google lose a bit of sleep. Maybe they’ll have to come up with their own pair of ski googles(sorry) soon.

Oakley and Recon Instruments have teamed up to bring you ski goggles of your dreams, Airwave. These goggles sports GPS and Bluetooth functionality, among a gaggle of other bells and whistles. When you don pair of these smart goggles, the mountain will be your oyster. You’ll be able to spy, with your little eyes, how fast you are going and where your friends are located. You’ll also have full control over what music you are listening to and the ability to read(not send) text messages. The cool thing? All of this information lays in an easy-to-ignore corner of your viewspace, thus sparing most of your ocular coverage for, you know, trees and stuff. Crashing is no fun at all.

The company has also released an SDK so independently-minded programmers can make their apps for the goggles. Who knows what you’ll soon be doing while careening down the slopes. We vote for playing Angry Birds. The Airwave line of goggles are out now at the reasonable, for this sort of tech, price of $600 a pair. Check them out in action below.