O2 sets its mind on creating walkie-talkie footwear


We all love our footwear. They help us get from point A to point B, not to mention helping us avoid the many piles of dog poo that litter the streets(seriously dogs, take a chill.) So we are always happy to report any innovation in technology for those little slabs of material that hide under and around our precious feet. In today’s edition of “Feet Beat” we’ll shine a light on one British communications company’s efforts to bring the lyrics of “These Boots Were Made For Walking” to life. Carry on, good sirs.

O2, a popular British telecom company, has commissioned an artist named Sean Miles to bring new life to their many featurephones. The end result? Footwear that doubles as walkie-talkies! Four footwear designs – made from the likes of Christian Louboutins, Nike Airs, Hunter Wellingtons and a classic Brogue men’s shoe – have been outfitted with a fully functional phone embedded right in the sole. Of course, this leads one to the obvious question. Why would anyone want to hold a smelly shoe to their face? It is for the art, my friend. It is for the art.

These designs will probably never reach store shelves, but the four that were made will be going up for auction in March. Oh those crafty Brits. They sure do love auctions, don’t they? Let’s book our tickets or hire our surrogates now. We call the Nike Airs.