O’Neill Walkie-Talkie Jacket is on the Way


O’Neill Walkie-Talkie Jacket

The O’Neill Walkie Talkie Jacket is on the way! Our first info about the upcoming Walkie-Talkie Jacket was back in July where we got pre-information first hand. Last week O’Neill launched a dedicated page on thier website for the H4 Wearable Electronic range. Featuring sleek styling and high-end fabrics, the Walkie-Talkie Jacket is targeted towards the adventures outdoor enthusiasts who venture in unexplored areas and needs to stay in contact with the group or base station. The H4 Walkie-Talkie Jacket is 100% compatible with the Motorola T5422 and should work with many other of Motorola’s 2-way radios.

O’Neill Walkie-Talkie Jacket

The walkie-talkie connector is located in a chest pocket for save and ‘out-of-the-way’ storage of your 2-way radio to keep your hands free. The speaker as well as the microphone is integrated into the collar.

Making your conversation is easy and simple, just push the ‘push-to-talk’ button on the wind-flab of the jacket and you are ready and roger.

We could not locate an online shop to point you but my guess is that the H4 Walkie-Talkie jackets will be available, at least at the begin, somewhere in Europe as O’Neill is targeting mainly Europe for their Wearable Electronic range.

In any case, we will keep you updated when word arrives about shop appearance and price. More information about the H4 Walkie-Talkie Jacket at O’Neills website.

O’Neill Walkie-Talkie Jacket