O’Neill H4 Wearable Electronic Range now Playing YouTube!


O’Neill H4 Com Ment JacketO’Neill’s H4 design team has made video clips of the entire H4 Wearable Electronic range showing how to set up the jackets, backpacks, gloves and Audio Beanie.

Watching these video clips will give you an impression on how Wearable Electronic clothing is being used.

No one less than O’Neill’s Mr. Wearable Electronic, Christiaan Roos, the designer and driving force of O’Neill’s Wearable Electronic product line, demonstrates how to get the H4 products up and running in no time.

As the term Wearable Electronic implies, it’s a fusion of things you wear and electronics.

As example I have added the video guide for the more complex but, as Christiaan will show you, easily to set up Comm Ent Jacket:


A great set of videos from the O’Neill team, here is the link for all 6 video clips of the O’Neill H4 product line.