NZN Labs Releases a Fitness Tracker for You Indiana Joneses Out There

NZN Labs

Sure, the New Year was either months ago or no for many months(depending on who you ask.) That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t try to up our fitness game. Making our fragile, pathetic bodies work better should be a resolution for any time of the year, after all. To that end, wearable technology has been working tirelessly to make this seemingly insurmountable goal seem more, well, surmountable. Long time readers of this blog know there is no end to the many fitness trackers out there designed to make getting up and off of your couch easier than ever before. Why, here comes another one.

NZN Labs is currently putting the finishing touches on Lit, there new fitness tracker that is designed with you adventurous types in mind. Think Indiana Jones, but without all of the Nazi-related hijinks. OK, so basically it is for action sports enthusiasts. What makes it so action-friendly? The thing is nigh indestructible, waterproof and inherently social. This way if you manage to pull off a sweet aerial, you can instantly go social and brag about it to your friends. Everyone loves a braggart! It comes with the usual bells and whistles of Bluetooth functionality and smartphone-integration. Oh, it also doubles as a watch when you aren’t out there surfing or whatever.

The good news? One unit will only set you back $99. The bad news? They aren’t out yet and in order to secure that fantastic deal you have to preorder now via the NZN Labs Website. If you sleep on this one, the price raises to $149.