Nyx Devices presents the Somnus Sleep Shirt – Monitors your sleep patterns


Monitoring sleeping patterns can be tricky business. It can require tons of wires, tons of equipment and a whole lot of headaches. Headaches, after all, do not help insomniacs fall asleep. It’s a good thing, then, that recent start up Nyx Devices is on the case. The company has created something called the Somnus Sleep Shirt, which purports to make sleep monitoring easy as counting sheep.

The shirt works by analyzing your breathing patterns. It is fitted with two sensors, one on each side of the shirt, that gets that job done. That information is then transmitted to a small data recorder, which can then be uploaded to the company’s server and analyzed. Co-inventor Matt Bianchi, a sleep neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, thinks the Somnus could help patients suffering from insomnia.

The shirt is still being tested, but expect it to roll out to consumers next year at a projected cost of under $100. Until then, insomniacs, you are on your own.