Nuviz Ride: HUD Offers a Heads Up Display for your Motorcycle Helmet


Is there anything that feels cooler than cruising down a highway, or local thruway, on a motorcycle with the wind in your hair. The freedom that stretches out in front of you. The bugs in your teeth. There is nothing quite like it. You gotta wear a helmet, however. Said helmet is the only thing keeping you from busting your head open like a cracked egg, after all. These helmets haven’t really gotten hip to the wearable technology craze. Sure, slowly but surely little things will leak here or there but we are waiting for something really mind blowing to get us off of our lazy butts and on to the closest Harley. Well, budding Sturgeons, here it is.

Introducing The NUVIZ Ride:HUD is a retrofit device that attaches to the chin bar of your existing full-face helmet. This is sort of like your old school motorcycle helmets mixed with Google Glass, a smartwatch and everything in between. The device offers a true heads up display that always lets you know what is going on around you. The information relayed to you includes the time, navigation controls, GPS controls, local weather, upcoming traffic conditions and more. Plus, all of the information appears on a transparent display right in front of your head so you can keep your eyes where they belong, the road.

The Nuviz isn’t out yet. As a matter of fact they haven’t even secured funding for a final build yet. However, they have vroom vroom vroom-ed up to Kickstarter to ask for your help with said funding. If you want to an early adopter of the Nuviz think about kicking in around $529 for this one-of-a-kind cycling experience. In the meantime, stay safe.