NuMetrex shapes Bionic Women


NuMetrex Sports BraYou may have heard or seen it, the new NBC TV series Bionic Women. The first season started in September this year with one of the highest viewer ratings for a midweek TV show.

Actress Michelle Ryan is starring the Bionic Woman.

To prepare for her role, Michelle did extensive cardio training including 2 hours a day with a personal trainer and using a NuMetrex Heart rate sensing sport bra.

At least I think she uses a NuMetrex bra to track her performance because Michelle can be seen with the NuMetrex Heart rate sensing sports bra (black model) in action on a photo from the second episode of the Bionic Woman.

The Heart rate sensing bra uses special sensors knitted into the fabric that stretch and move as you do but maintain contact with the skin, sensing the heart rate and transmits it to a heart rate monitor watch.

The transmitter is snapped into a pocket in the front of the bra. The NuMetrex bra uses seamless design to provide excellent comfort, support and freedom of movement.

Just right for the Bionic Women and YOU.

NuMetrex Sports Bra
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