NuMetrex Heart Sensing Sportswear


The Wearable Electronic Summer 2007 is getting beautiful and fashionable. After introducing almost 2 years ago the award winning Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Bra, NuMetrex is launching a new range of Cardio Shirts for the active Women and Men.

Girls, you never before looked as gorgeous on the running track as with the new Heart Sensing Racer Tank.

NuMetrex Heart Sensing Sportswear

The sleeveless tank top features a shelf bra where the electronic sensing technology is integrated into the fabric to pick up your heart rate. A tiny transmitter snaps into a pocket in the shelf bra to send the signal to a compatible Polar heart rate watch.

The Heart Sensing Racer Tank is made of quick drying nylon Lycra with second-skin fit that offers medium support.

The NuMetrex Cardio Shirt for Men finally frees the boys from the cumbersome heart rate monitoring strap that looked always a little bit ‘funny’ – just my opinion.

NuMetrex Heart Sensing Sportswear

The shirt is constructed of an advanced wicking fabric with special sensory fibers integrated directly into the garment. This allows men to wear a heart rate monitor without knowing it is there. The same tiny transmitter that is used in the women tank top is used for the Cardio Shirt and snaps into a pocket inside the shirt to send the signal to a compatible Polar heart rate watch.

Both active wear products using NuMetrex stretchable conductive textile yarns that are directly knitted into the fabric. They are very comfortable and caring to your skin. And of course, they are washable as any other sports garments.

The Cardio Shirt will be available by NuMetrex online store starting on May 29 for US$ 58.95 and the Heart Sensing Racer Tank a few weeks later on June 15 for US$ 55.95 (prices without the Polar link and watch).

Our buying advice: a MUST HAVE. Wearable Electronic was never as fashionable, functional and practical before.