Noxgear Torch and Tracer 360 Safety Vests


Noxgear 4
For many cyclists cycling at night is the most enjoyable time to cycle. But it can also be the most dangerous, which is why they need to make sure to have the right gear towards staying safe, such as a reflective vest. Sometimes, however, a reflective vest just isn’t enough. That’s where Noxgear comes in. Noxgear has recently released two new products: the Torch, and the Tracer360.

The idea for these vests came from a late night game of ultimate Frisbee. The players couldn’t see each other, and hence didn’t know where their team members were, something that is vital in ultimate Frisbee. In fact, the Torch is specifically designed for things like late-night games of ultimate Frisbee and soccer. It comes in a range of different colors, from red to cyan, which is especially helpful in discerning different teams.

The Tracer 360 is specifically designed for cyclists and runners, and allows for them to be seen with no problems late at night. The Tracer 360 also allows for different colored blinking modes.

Both the Torch and the Tracer 360 include what the company calls “True 360 coverage”, meaning that the wearer can be seen at all angles. They are both essentially made up of LED lights, and the use of fiber optics is perfect to provide the brightest vest possible. Not only that, but with a few AAA batteries, the vests last 20 hours for the Torch, and up to 40 hours for the Tracer 360, and the vest will blink different colors when it si time for a battery change. Finally, holding all the pieces together is the “Nexus” (Not to be confused with the Google smart phone), a plastic enclosure which is made to be lightweight.

Overall, it is clear that Noxgear has created a winner in these products. Not only are they great for safety, but they also ensure that late night sporting events can be played without any problems.