Now Google Glass Can Read Your Emotions


Google Glass has caused quite the splash in the wearable technology scene. One might say it has caused even more than a splash, that it’s the actual pool that other items are splashing into(or something.) In any event, these AR/VR-enabled eyeglass thingies are sure to become as ubiquitous as say the wristwatch or the infamous Sony Walkman. Who wouldn’t want to walk around all day with a sort of informational superpower informing your every step and action? As the device gets closer and closer to an actual launch, lots of new functionality is being built in either by Google itself or by third parties. Now, according to a new function, it can read your emotions. Yikes? Yikes.

Some handy science types have created an emotion reading app for Glass called Sentiment Analysis. It uses the Google Glass camera to read someone’s emotions by looking at their precious little face. See, no matter how much we try to hide it, we read like an open book when it comes to advanced computing algorithms. You may be able to hide your annoyance from your boss, but not from your future digital overlords! There is no extra hardware needed. The app does this in the background as you stare at someone, without them knowing of course. The future, you awesome privacy-hating beast you!

This app’s makers see this as having use in the retail industry, for employees to wear in order to read their potential customer’s emotions so as to better sell them frocks and thingamabobbies. Uh, cool? Maybe therapists will start wearing it too. That’d at least be something.