Now You Can Track Delivery Pizza With a Pebble Smartwatch


Since the dawn of time, man has stared toward the heavens and wondered aloud if we’d ever be able to use watches to order and track delivery pizza. The years, and centuries, dragged on with nary a watch-based pie delivery in site. Mankind began to use hope, instead focusing in on merging food items to create different, creepier, food items. Cronuts and ramen pizza aside, the time has just about come for us to put aside childish things and order some dang supreme pizzas on our watches. Let’s get ready to rumble.

Pebble, the company that pretty much started this whole smartwatch craze, has just unveiled a Domino’s app that lets you order and track delivery pizza right there at your watch. The tyranny of having to order and track pizza pies on your phone or, gasp, computer are gone! Now the time remaining for you to chomp down on some delectable ‘za will be known to you at just a quick glance at your wrist. The future certainly is grand. The app will not only tell you when the pizza is being delivered, and where it is, but it also keeps track of when it is in the oven and other pizza-ish odds and ends. Again, the future certainly is grand. Now if only someone would invent those freeze dried pizzas as seen in Back to the Future II (no, the hoverboard is not enough.)

If you have a Pebble-branded smartwatch, this app is available right now as I type. If you don’t own a Pebble watch, you can download a similar app for your iPad, TV and just about every other device you own. However, these devices are not worn on your wrist so forget about them.