Now You Can Strap Nodes to Your Head to Control Drones


Drones. That’s a highly contentious word nowadays. Not only does it invoke thoughts of bombs being dropped on faraway lands, but it also makes one think of one’s neighbor spying on them with something they bought on Amazon for 600 bucks. However, the world of consumer drones has been a boon to many people, including those that work in the film and journalism industries. It’s never been so easy to get a flyover shot of a big city, for one. One of the main complaints of people who own drones, however, is that the controls are a bit finicky and take some getting used to. Smashing your drone into a mountain is also, uh, an expensive mistake. Well, fear not! Someone has invented a helmet thingie that allows you to fly drones using the power of your, wait for it, mindddddd.

A company called Tekever, along with a team of European researchers, are behind the innovation and if clinical trials are to be believed, it’s going to revolutionize the world of drone piloting. They are calling the tech Brainflight, which seems appropriate. So far, well, it works. Of course, there is no regulatory framework in place that covers ‘mind controlled drones’ but, then again, there seems to be some legal uncertainty surrounding the world of drones, period.

The makers of this tech also envision it as one day accompanying other types of travel, like driving, comparing using it to being as automatic as taking a step. Hey, speak for yourself guys! Taking a step is a long and involved, and arduous, process to the lazy among us. Let’s hear it for the lazy! This tech is still in early trials and, thus, don’t go trying to control a drone with your mind anytime soon. You’ll just hurt yourself.