Now You Can Pay for Groceries With Your Palm


When you think of items that we usually consider wearable, one can’t help but wander to clothing, such as t-shirts or jeans. However, the astute observer of trends would also note that watches, armbands and jewelry also fit squarely in the category. Whatever bozos, you both are wrong! Nothing is more inherently wearable than our very appendages themselves. On that note, here is a piece of tech that could very well revolutionize how we use our palms(hint, it’s not for predicting the future.)

Quixter, a Swedish startup, has concocted a brand new way to pay for things. Gone are the days of credit card swipings. Gone are the days of barely functioning NFC gadgets. Gone are the days of, um, cash. They’ve invented a brand new way to pay for things, with your palm! Being as how each palm is virtually unique from one another, the tech involves you swiping your palm across a machine, which then analyzes it and takes the appropriate amount of money out of your bank account. Very Minority Report, for better or for worse. According to the creators, this process is exempt from fraud. This theory doesn’t hold water, of course, if people just go ahead and saw your hand off.

The tech is still in its infancy but, who knows, maybe in a year or three you’ll be paying for your morning coffee with the palm of your hand. We’ll let you know when this technology starts making some inroads stateside.