Now You Can Get Laser Goggles Just Like Cyclops


If you had to pick a superpower that you could roam around the world with, what would it be? Would you choose the ability to go invisible, thus being able to rob banks and stare at locker rooms with ease? Would you choose to fly through the air like a gentle and graceful bird? Would you, uh, choose to really hard claws grafted into your skin? No way! All of those suck compared to having awesome laser beams that shoot out of your eyes like X-Men’s Clyclops. Now, thanks to the magic of technology, you could potentially live out the cursed life of Scott Summers yourself .Yay technology!

A DIY inventor named Patrick Priebe, who has already been making waves with an innovative hand-mounted crossbow, is back with something else that is super cool and potentially dangerous as all get out. He’s been quietly slaving away in his mad scientist lab to create an actual real-life Cyclops. Now he’s done it. He has created a pair of goggles that actually shoots out high powered laser beams. With the brief wink of an eye, you can set cloth on fire or pop balloons, among other things. Of course, having all of this extreme laser power right near your eyeballs probably isn’t the smartest thing in the world, but hey, you say tomato I say tomahto.

If you want to get your hands on one of these, you’ll have some waiting to do. He has no plans to bring this to the consumer sphere, being as how it is probably dangerous and there may be laws against weaponizing your face. You can’t even contact him for blueprints. Maybe you’ll figure it out on your own!