Notch Offers Most Precise Fitness Monitoring Ever


We all love exercising! It’s easy to start, hard to stop and just feels so good every second we are doing it. Wait. What was that? It’s the exact opposite of what I just said? Oh yeah. We all hate exercising! It’s annoying and, well, also it’s annoying. We need all of the help we can get to get out there and pump our blood like the warriors we all know we are. That’s where fitness trackers, or vitality monitors, come in. These handy gadgets have been a huge part of wearable tech since, well, its inception. Here is another one that could just redefine how you start sweating.

It’s called Notch and it’s pretty gosh darned cool if you ask us. It doesn’t work via armband or anything like that. Notch is a series of sensors that attach to various parts of your clothing/body. They work in tandem to track every part of your movement, and sending that information to your beloved iPhone via the magic of Bluetooth. The movement tracking on these devices are so precise that it could well change how we think of these trackers in the first place. This is great for precision-based athletes like dancers or people training for various Olympics events. Also, it’s great if you are trying to learn the cabbage patch.

Notch has taken to Kickstarter to finish its funding goals, with a finish line amount of $100,000. As of this writing it still has a long way to go, but with tech this cool we think it will do just fine.