Nordstrom Unveils the High Tech Fitting Room of Your Dreams


Ah, the humble fitting room. There are mirrors everywhere. They are usually too small to comfortably remove your shoes. They also usually trick you into thinking you good in that pair of jeans when in actuality you look like a bloated loon(sigh.) In any event, there can’t be wearable tech without a place to tr that wearable tech on. Unfortunately, however, fitting rooms are still stuck in the past, offering just four walls and, well, that’s about it. Thankfully, popular high-end retail chain and popular online selling place-a-majobbie eBay have teamed up to finally bring the fitting room into the future.

The retail store has recently unveiled the room, which is outfitted with a series of ‘smart mirrors’ which can be interacted with much like how a customer would interact with the store’s website. The room was actually designed by eBay, which is odd because it doesn’t help people buy R@RE, L@@K used junk, but rather helps them buy more in-store clothing. The aforementioned mirrors are interactive displays in which consumers can check to see if the store has other sizes in stock, among other things, and even have employees bring them clothing. ‘Be a doll and fetch me my two-sizes-two-small blouse” your great aunt will likely be saying.

The fitting rooms will first be tested at only two stores, in San Jose and Seattle. If they are successful, AKA if they help people part with more money, they’ll installed across the country and eventually, dun dun dun, the world.