Nokia Lumia 1080 Concept Smart Watch is Also a Smartphone


If you could design your dream smart watch what would it be like? Would be able to not only connect to your phone, but would it actually be a phone? Would it be flexible, with the ability to bend itself around pretty much anything? Would it have specs that would make a high end PC blush? Would it be sentient and have the ability to make you pizza whenever you wanted? OK, that last one is a bit out there(for now) but the rest of these dream functions are well within the realm of possibility. On that note, one design firm has created a concept design of a smart watch that does pretty much all of em.

Design firm 91 Mobiles have created this dream smart watch concept based on what, you, the people wanted. They had people send tweets of dream specs to a particular hashtag and then they dreamt up the design via those tweets. And what a design it is. Introducing the Nokia Lumia 1080, the smart watch that is so cool that it actually doesn’t exist! This completely flexible design not only can wrap around your wrist, but can wrap around pretty much anything. It’s also, just so you know, an actual smart phone as well. The specs? Out of this world. Full HD screen, 1.8 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB of ram and a 13 MP camera. It would be an honor to have this thing snugly placed around your wrist.

Of course, being as how this is just a concept design and has not been sounded off by Nokia, take this info with a grain or two of salt. In short, you won’t be seeing this watch at your local Best Buy anytime soon. This is where we are headed though. This is the future of smart watches.